Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Advanced sintered porous plastic materials

Porvair Filtration Group, a leader in filtration and separation technology, has announced the publication of a new brochure that details the specialist capabilities of its growing family of BioVyon sintered porous plastics.

The new brochure (www.porvairfiltration.com/view/BiosciencesAndScientific.aspx) provides an introduction to the enhanced properties, technical specifications and applications of Porvair's proprietary hydrophilic, hydrophobic, functionalized, composite and laminated BioVyon materials.

The BioVyon range of sintered porous polypropylene and polyethylene materials has been developed to offer optimum product solutions. Manufactured in ISO-accredited cleanrooms, BioVyon materials exhibit very low particle shedding, low extractables and low bio burden.

Manufactured to current good manufacturing practices (cGMP), the BioVyon materials are made to demanding regulatory standards as required by the WRAS, FDA and USP.

Porvair Filtration Group