Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Environmental monitoring system makes the data available to the whole lab

Labtronics Inc, a leader in laboratory automation has announced the release of Nexxis EM (Environmental Monitoring), a software system that monitors environmental systems and makes the data available to the whole lab.

ELN, LIMS and all of your analytical procedures can now monitor and be controlled by the environmental conditions in your facilities. Nexxis EM connects directly to any instrument to monitor conditions such as temperature, humidity or any type of specific chemical. Collected information is processed and made available to all of your informatics systems. For example, your ELN can use the real time environmental data to control the completion of analytical work.

The data collected from instruments is standardized and stored in an environmental database which provides access to any system that requires the information. Standardizing the data makes it easy for other software supplications to use the data.

The system can be set up to automatically check target values and take action when conditions reach a critical point. For example, alarms can be turned on and urgent messages can be sent to mobile devices.

Environmental data is also available in real time through the Nexxis iLAB Portal. The iLAB Portal is a web based tool that allows you to view and analyze the data from any location by simply using a web based browser.

Robert Pavlis, President of Labtronics commented: "The Nexxis Environmental Monitoring System provides the lab with a single application to monitor all of their various devices. It is then easy to use the data to manage processes in the lab so that samples are always stored at the correct temperatures, analytical procedures are performed correctly and dangerous chemical environments are controlled. With the right tool, environmental monitoring is easy to set up in the lab."

Labtronics Inc