Monday, 31 January 2011

Fundamentals of freeze drying

SP Scientific, a leader in freeze drying technology, has announced a new four-part series of LyoLearn webinars during February 2011 designed to help participants better understand the basic theory and fundamentals of freeze drying.

Chaired by Dr Jeff Schwegmann, director of AB Biotechnologies - the scope of the first webinar, to be held on February 4th, will be to provide an introduction to freeze drying theory and the components of freeze drying, temperature and vacuum monitoring systems.

The second webinar, to be held on February 11th, will focus on the physical properties of different types of materials (eutectic melting, glass transition, collapse temperatures, etc.) and discuss applications of thermal characterisation techniques for solutions and solids.

To be held on February 18th, the third webinar will look at the latest freezing, annealing, primary and secondary drying techniques and the theory behind them. Reflecting the importance of freeze drying in the production environment the fourth webinar, to be held on February 25th, will discuss strategies for optimizing freeze drying scale-up, cycle transfer and maximising your throughput capability.

SP Scientific's programme of free educational webinars delivered by industry experts are devoted to freeze-drying topics, and follow a 30-minute format for the presentations with a Q&A session immediately afterwards.

Register here for the four session webinar 'Basic Theory of Freeze Drying'.