Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Highly efficient, reproducible non-cytotoxic transfection reagent

GenePORTER Gold from AMSBIO is a new highly efficient and reproducible lipid-based reagent for effective transfection of a wide variety of cell lines.

Molecular target delivery faces many barriers, from crossing the cell type-specific extracellular membrane, to cytoplasmic degradation and translocation across the nuclear membrane. To be effective, the transfection reagent/DNA complexes must overcome all of these challenges whilst minimizing cytotoxicity.

Traditionally the most efficient delivery methods have also been the most cytotoxic. Using Advanced Carrier Enhancement technology, a nuclear targeting mechanism that maximizes transfection and transgene expression levels while still maintaining high cell viability, GenePORTER Gold has been able to address this limitation.

Based on generations of proven cationic lipid formulations with more than 850 citations to date, GenePORTER Gold uniquely combines consistent delivery and reliability with the lowest reported cytotoxicity of commercially available transfection reagents. The GenePORTER Gold protocol has been optimized to provide simple, same-day transfection making it ideal for high throughput or large scale applications where the need for consistent results is highly desirable.

AMS Biotechnology (AMSBIO)