Wednesday, 26 January 2011

New catalogue of sample preparation products and applications

Biotage has announced the release of its new Analytical Sample Preparation Catalog. The expanded, 200-page catalogue includes a range of products for bioanalytical, forensic and clinical applications. To order or download the catalogue, visit A searchable version of the catalog is also available on the Biotage website.

This new Biotage catalogue includes an Applications Index in addition to comprehensive information to assist in the use of these products. Additionally, the convenient Product Selection Guide enables customers to quickly locate the product that best fits their application needs.

New products include the expansion of the EVOLUTE family of resin-based sorbents and the AFFINILUTE TM MIP range of molecularly imprinted polymers for class selective clean up.

In addition to the widely used 96 well plate format, ISOLUTE SLE+ supported-liquid extraction columns are now available providing a faster, cleaner and more cost effective extraction for larger volume samples. The RapidTrace and TurboVap range of automated sample preparation and sample drying instruments are included for the first time.

Available as silica and resin phases, Biotage solid-phase extraction products cover a wide range of applications including: the detection of low-level pesticides in foodstuffs and environmental matrices; analysis of trace levels of both performance enhancing and drugs of abuse in biological samples; extraction of drug candidates and their metabolites from biological fluids and the determination of acrylamide and melamine in foodstuffs.

Biotage sample preparation products are supported by a wealth of knowledge and experience in method development and trouble shooting.