Sunday, 23 January 2011

Simulation modelling of the drug product in its packaging

At Pharmapack 2011, Multisorb Technologies, a leader in active packaging technology, will highlight its Calculations through Operations program.

As a provider of a broad range of active packaging solutions, Multisorb supports its standard and intelligent sorbent products utilizing SimulSorb and SimulOx pseudo-empirical modelling programs.Multisorb’s sorbents are extensively used to ensure the stability of pharmaceutical, in-vitro diagnostic, medical device, dietary supplement, and drug/device combination products.

This method involves sophisticated simulation modelling of the drug product in its packaging - a unique analytical tool that takes into account conditions during all stages of drug processing, from pharmaceutical formulation to the packaging environment and throughout the distribution chain. This allows for the most effective determination of sorbent requirements, and helps our customers to improve their speed to market with new products.

SimulSorb and SimulOx are integral components of Multisorb’s Calculations through Operations value proposition, and utilize an advanced proprietary program which analyzes the drug product being packaged and predict its chemical and/or physical stability outcomes when exposed to moisture or oxygen in the headspace of a container.

“To obtain optimal results during the consultative SimulOx and SimulSorb processes, our scientists collaborate with the pharmaceutical company’s formulation chemists, packaging technologists, and process engineers,” says Adrian Possumato, Global Director, Healthcare Packaging, at Multisorb. “Their objective is to determine the correct sorbent solution to enhance the product’s chemical stability and physical integrity to extend its shelf life. As a Quality by Design-based program, Calculations through Operations typically saves our customers six to 12 months of development time translating in earlier regulatory submission and related market launch.”

Multisorb Technologies