Monday, 21 February 2011

Automated sample transport and management

At this year’s LabAutomation, TTP LabTech continued the promotion of its drug discovery product line. This included the mosquito LCP and HTS, the Mirrorball and Acumen imaging cytometers and its modular comPOUND storage system. However it was the LAB2LAB automated sample transport and management system that attracted most interest.

A poster entitled ‘The LAB2LAB Advantage’, detailed the Novartis customer experience with this  sample trace and data management system. Delegates were able to see how the integration of LAB2LAB, at the Horsham site, has increased analytical capacity, connecting scientists to any instrument, regardless of location. Furthermore, it has enabled effective communication and sample tacking across 4 floors and between 7 labs.

Designed as a systems management product, LAB2LAB maximises the efficiency of the existing equipment, improves workflow productivity, and guarantees the security and continuity of data stream and methods.

TTP LabTech