Monday, 21 February 2011

Clinical chemistry analysers

Randox Pharma Services' RX Series of clinical chemistry analysers provide quality results at every phase of clinical development

All four analysers offer a test menu enabling you to avoid the costly outsourcing of routine safety testing, while allowing you to be in control of the entire process.

Randox Pharma Services offers an analyser suited to each phase from pre-clinical through to high volume clinical trials, ensuring continuity and reliability throughout. The smallest of the series, the RX monza is a semi automated clinical analyser ideal for low throughput testing in clinical, research laboratories and specialised clinics. The RX daytona is a compact benchtop fully automated clinical analyser with a throughput of 180 photometric tests and 270 ISE tests per hour. The RX imola is a fully automated and random access benchtop analyser capable of performing 400 photometric tests and 240 ISE tests per hour. The latest addition to the RX Series is the RX suzuka. The RX suzuka is a fully automated random access analyser capable of carrying out up to 1200 tests per hour including ISEs, this system provides increased efficiency and productivity. With such wide choice, your requirements are sure to be met.

The RX Series offer a host of benefits in order to reduce costs, save time and make testing safer. Each system requires only a small sample volume which conserves valuable sample. Reagent volume required is also low, reducing cost per test. The RX Series require no extra consumables, for example; permanent pyrex cuvettes are used, providing considerable cost savings. To complete the package, we also provide an unrivalled Quality Control package. Randox quality controls cover over 170 parameters and are known to be of the highest quality and the most accurate, stable and consistent controls available, ensuring valid clinical results. Customised QC is also available in addition to RIQAS, the largest global EQA scheme.

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