Thursday, 3 February 2011

Lab automation software Nexxis ELN supports Microsoft Office

Labtronics Inc, a leader in laboratory automation, has released Nexxis ELN 5.05 with support for Microsoft Office including Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Nexxis ELN uses ReDI technology to rapidly configure ELN worksheets. With the release of version 5.05, ReDI now provides full support for the Office suite of products. Fully functional Microsoft products can be embedded right into ELN worksheets.

Customers with existing Excel spreadsheets can now deploy ELN much more quickly by using the files they already have. Alternatively, customers can develop new Excel spreadsheets and embed them into ELN worksheets to make use of all of the powerful functionality found in Excel, such as macros, graphics and complex calculations. Data can be transparently exchanged between Excel and the ELN worksheet.

Microsoft Word can also be embedded into Nexxis ELN worksheets to create a rich environment for developing complex reports. All of the functionality in Word is supported by Nexxis ELN.

PowerPoint users can now embed training slide shows and videos right into their ELN worksheets, eliminating the need for users to open separate training material. PowerPoint also provides an alternative to native ELN capabilities for displaying graphics. You can have a complete slide show containing pictures of samples on a single page in ELN.

Labtronics Inc