Friday, 18 February 2011

Lab software manages contacts and customers

Labtronics Inc has announce the released of Nexxis iLAB 5.05 with new added functionality for managing a wide range of contacts including customers and suppliers.

The new Nexxis iLAB includes a Contact Manager that lets you configure any number of lists of contacts. These lists can be for internal personnel, internal customers, external customers and even suppliers. The design is fully configurable so that any information can be collected for the contact list and Nexxis iLAB supports any number of contact lists.

Once a contact list has been created, the information in the list can be accessed by any module within Nexxis iLAB. For example, a Nexxis ELN worksheet is able to lookup the email address for a contact and send them a notice containing information just gathered by the lab.

Contact lists can be used to manage information about customers. Analysis processes can access this information and dynamically alter the process or target values based on specific customer requirements. For example an ELN process can make use of specific customer information for each sample being analyzed.

Applications which are part of Nexxis iLAB can also update the list or add new contacts to the list. If samples are added to Nexxis Sample Tracker for a new client, this module can automatically update the contact list.

Robert Pavlis, President of Labtronics, said: "Integrating all of the modules in Nexxis iLAB so that they use a common contact list makes a lot of sense. It translates into less data entry, fewer data entry mistakes and it provides a centralized location for this kind of information. But most importantly, it allows all of the informatics systems of the lab to electronically access a single source for information, leading to significant improvements in efficiency. It is a simple, but very powerful tool and solves one more puzzle in the quest for an iLAB - a fully integrated lab."

Labtronics Inc