Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Partnership to accelerate human protein kinase drug discovery

The KINOMED Partnership, funded by the Eurostars programme of the European Union, has been established to provide an integrated package of services for protein kinase inhibitor discovery and development. Kinase production, kinase assay development, kinase crystal structure determination, kinase fragment library construction, hit finding and optimisation, in silico screening, kinase biochemical and biophysical screening, structure- and ligand-based drug design and medicinal chemistry services are all included within a single, state-of-the-art offering.

“We are excited to be working with IOTA and KinaseDetect. Both companies are led by world-known researchers with impressive track records within the kinase and kinase drug discovery fields.” says Dr Derek Logan, CSO of SARomics Biostructures.

Professor Olaf-Georg Issinger, director of KinaseDetect, comments: “Structure-based drug design in combination with fragment-based lead discovery is a powerful combination in modern drug discovery. We are collaborating with IOTA Pharmaceuticals and SARomics Biostructures in developing a service platform to provide the pharmaceutical industry with off-the-shelf three-dimensional structures of kinases and their complexes with novel lead compounds. The provision of such an integrated service platform will greatly accelerate the drug discovery process for this important class of drugs.”

Dr David Bailey, Director and Co-founder of IOTA, states: “Fragment-based drug discovery at IOTA combines identification of fragments with high ligand efficiency with the power of structure-based drug design, rapidly optimising ligand binding and selectivity in drug-like molecules. The KINOMED Partnership between KinaseDetect, SARomics and IOTA will develop these leads to produce a new generation of kinase therapeutics.”

IOTA Pharmaceuticals


SARomics Biostructures