Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Primary cardiomyocytes offer a promising model for tissue regeneration

ATCC (American Type Culture Collection), the diverse bioresource center, offers primary cardiomyocytes isolated from adult human tissue. Unlike cardiomyocytes derived from human ES or iPS cells, these heart muscle cells propagate in culture with high viability and plating efficiency. ATCC Cardiomyocytes are ideal for research related to heart disease, tissue regeneration, drug screening, preclinical cardiotoxicity and cell signaling studies involving voltage potential measurement of ion channel and ion pump transporters.

ATCC Normal Primary Cardiomyocytes are one part of ATCC Primary Cell Solutions, a system of matched components that include cryopreserved cells, optimized media, growth factors and reagents for cell culture. Complete Cardiomyocyte Growth Medium consists of Vascular Cell Basal Media, a sterile, phenol red-free liquid tissue culture medium, supplemented with the Cardiomyocyte Cell Growth Kit. The kit is comprised of several purified recombinant human (rh) growth factors, including rh FGF-basic, rh insulin and rh EGF/rh TGF-β1, in addition to FBS and fetuin. ATCC warrants the viability and growth performance of Normal Primary Cardiomyocytes when grown in Complete Cardiomyocyte Growth Medium. Scientists no longer require additional components such as feeder layers, extracellular matrix proteins or other substrates.

Normal Primary Cardiomyocytes from ATCC are cryopreserved in the second passage, assuring the highest purity. The cells have undergone sterility testing for bacteria, yeast, fungi and mycoplasma, and shown to be negative for HIV-1, HIV-2, HBV and HCV. Each lot is supplied with a certificate of analysis upon request. Scientists can expect cell cultures with functional expression of relevant biomarkers, normal morphology and superior growth and proliferation. ATCC Primary Cell Solutions systems enable researchers to grow high quality cultures reliably and consistently — with expert support if needed.