Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Proteomics, epigenetics and immunology advisory board

Cellzome announces the appointment of four new members to its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), further extending its scientific network in immunology, epigenetics and proteomics.

Joining the team are Professors Ruedi Aebersold; Anne Ferguson-Smith; Jeannie Lee and Diane Mathis. The announcement follows the appointment of Professor Tony Kouzarides and Dr Peter Machin in October last year.
David Simmons, CSO of Cellzome and chairman of the SAB said, “We are delighted to have been able to bring together the top scientists from the different disciplines on our SAB. This network of excellence will further stimulate our science and drug discovery programmes.”

Professor Ruedi Aebersold is a pioneer in the field of proteomics. He developed a series of methods that have found wide application in this field, including methods to enable reliable protein quantification by mass spectrometry. He served as faculty member of the Universities of Washington and British Columbia and in 2000 co-founded the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle. Most recently, he co-founded the Institute of Molecular Systems Biology at the ETH in Zurich where he is a full professor.

Professor Anne Ferguson-Smith has established an international reputation for her work integrating the epigenetic control of genome function with developmental and physiological processes relevant to health and disease. She has more than two decades of experience in the exploration of links between gene regulation, large and small non-coding RNAs and epigenetic modifications, and the consequences of perturbations in these interactions for pre and postnatal well-being. She is Professor of Developmental Genetics at the University of Cambridge and contributes to a range of national and international review panels and initiatives at the interface of genomic and epigenomics research.

Professor Jeannie Lee is an Investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Professor of Genetics (and Pathology) at Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital. Since she became independent in 1997, her lab's interests have included X-inactivation, imprinting, the emerging link between noncoding RNA and chromatin control, and the evolutionary history of sex chromosomes and dosage compensation.

Professor Diane Mathis is a Professor of Pathology at Harvard Medical School, a Principal Faculty member of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute and an Associate Member at the Broad Institute. Her laboratory works in the fields of T-cell differentia­tion and autoimmunity, with a special emphasis on exploiting the most advanced transgenic and gene-targeting technologies.

The four distinguished scientists join Professors Christopher Buckley, Sir Philip Cohen, Tony Kouzarides, David Sabatini, Giulio Superti-Furga, Arthur Weiss and Dr. Peter Machin on the Cellzome SAB, representing a global network of scientific excellence.

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