Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Targeted re-sequencing

IMGM Laboratories GMBH has purchased a Fluidigm Access Array System to use in its development and validation of targeted re-sequencing applications services. IMGM is the first Genomic Services Provider to offer the combination of the Fluidigm Access Array technology in conjunction with Roche's 454 Next-Generation Sequencing Systems to its customers in Germany.

The Fluidigm Access Array System is an advanced and widely used automated sample preparation system for next-generation sequencing. The Access Array technology provides parallel amplification of 48 unique samples, in effect preparing 48 sequencing libraries, in just a few hours. Every reaction combines both an amplicon tagging and a barcoding (identification) step that enables all 48 amplicons to be multiplexed in a sequencing run. The Access Array technology simplifies the labor-intensive up-front preparation, minimizes preparation error, and allows for the maximum utility of next generation sequencers.

"We believed that the Fluidigm Access Array System combined with the 454 Sequencing System would provide a perfect match when it came to amplicon-based targeted re-sequencing," said Ralph Oehlmann, Director Business Development for IMGM Laboratories GmbH. "So IMGM implemented the Fluidigm Access Array System into its amplicon-based targeted re-sequencing workflow using the Roche 454 NGS sequencing technology and we are offering our customers complete assay development solutions for Fluidigm-based target enrichment and library generation."

"Fluidigm is very excited about the dramatic early market acceptance of our unique amplicon tagging approach for next generation sequencing. Harnessing and applying the power of NGS to targeted resequencing of multiple sample sets fills an important application need. Having excellent service providers, such as IMGM, to help spread the use of these capabilities will allow more customers to take advantage of these combined tools," said Fred Walder, Chief Business Officer for Fluidigm.