Thursday, 24 February 2011

‘Update and Automate’ concept for flame photometers

Operators of all model 410 Flame Photometers can now retrofit a digital interface/lineariser module and benefit from the new 410 BlueNotes software package, illustrating Sherwood Scientific’s ‘update and automate’ policy for instruments up to twenty years old. The latest Industrial and Clinical 410s come with the new module already fitted.

The model 410 Flame Photometer is a valued instrument in many industries, university teaching laboratories, as well as clinical labs, particularly in Africa. As the need for traceability continues to increase, rather than ceasing manufacture and withdrawing support for older instruments, Sherwood Scientific developed a digital interface/lineariser module which slots neatly into the front panel. This, together with the new 410 BlueNotes software, effectively transforms even an early example of model 410 into a fully automated unit.

According to Jon Copsey, Sherwood Scientific’s Marketing Manager: "The Model 410 Flame Photometer – little changed since its development by Corning 28 years ago – has an enviable reputation for ease of use, excellent reliability and, most importantly, high quality results. Our policy of 'Update and Automate' means that customers can now future-proof both new and old 410s, adding the latest features such as date and time-stamped results and control of a model 860 autosampler."

Designed for intuitive use, the digital interface/lineariser module and 410 BlueNotes software complement perfectly the original design and performance concept of the 410. The new module’s output can be sent to a serial printer or PC and the software package adds value by enabling traceability of results, data storage, calibration, result calculation, automatic correction for instrument drift, report production and many other functions.