Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Versatile filter plate vacuum manifold

The Universal Robotic Manifold from Porvair Sciences has been designed to operate with all brands of filter plate and waste collection reservoir tray.

Adaptable to work with three different lengths of drip director (short, medium and long) the Universal Robotic Manifold is able to accommodate collection plates from 14mm-44mm in height. Supplied with an integral vacuum gauge - the Universal Robotic Manifold provides precise and complete control of vacuum pressure ensuring Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) or Protein Precipitation plates may be processed with high reproducibility. Constructed from acetal and acrylic polymers the Universal Robotic Manifold is chemically resistant to most common solvents.

Easily assembled and disassembled by robotic manipulators the Universal Robotic Manifold facilitates productive automation of SPE or DNA clean-up procedures. The Universal Robotic Manifold is fully compatible with most commercial robotic liquid handling systems.

Porvair Sciences