Friday, 11 February 2011

Vibration isolators for flow cytometers, blood analyzers

Advanced Antivibration Components (AAC) offers functional vibration isolators for the medical industry including silicone gel pads, sheets, and silicone gel as well as wire rope isolators for larger applications.

Applications include medical equipment such as flow cytometers, blood analyzers, life science cameras, sensitive electronic scales, handheld devices, carts, motors and pumps. Its silicone gel products are very effective in isolating vibration in low frequency applications with loads ranging from 0.11 to 165 lbs per mount.
AAC provides products related to the elimination of vibration, energy absorption and protection of components and devices from shock and possible destruction.

AAC stocks a wide range of shock vibration isolation products which include: stud nut type mounts, base plate fastened mounts, wheels, leveling foot mounts, suspension mounts, spring, steel mesh cable mounts, bumpers, channel mounts, bushings grommets, pads tapes and couplings.

These products are stocked in different materials including: rubber, neoprene, urethane, Sorbothane, stainless steel mesh and springs. Many are suitable for use in extreme environmental conditions. Of special interest is a complete selection of Silicone Gel floor mounts, pads, sheets, plus paste-type thermal gel.

Advanced Antivibration Components (AAC)