Tuesday, 8 March 2011

BIOTECHNICA 2011 sharpens its profile

Featuring new keynote topics and with a clear focus on four core areas, BIOTECHNICA (11 – 13 October 2011) is continuing to sharpen its profile.

“We have developed BIOTECHNICA with the specific goal of driving forward innovations, new business transactions and knowledge transfer in the biotech and life sciences industries,” reports Stephan Ph Kühne, member of the Board of Management at Deutsche Messe AG, Hannover. “Exhibitors and visitors alike will reap the benefits.”

The trade fair will be complemented by international conferences, special shows and workshops. The broad program of events is designed to network science, industry, the service sector and politics.

“BIOTECHNICA represents the entire industry at one event. A clear focus on four core areas – biotechnology, lab technology, services and technology transfer – ensures that the event is particularly attractive,” emphasizes Kühne. In the area Biotechnology, companies will present innovations resulting from their R&D activities; applications here relate to healthcare, food production, industry and the environment.

New lab solutions for companies and research institutes will be on display in the core area Lab technology, while Services will offer a wide spectrum of services aimed at the biotech and pharmaceuticals industries. Finally, the Technology transfer marketplace will bring together innovators and investors to the benefit of all. "We intend to further expand these segments in future,” adds Kühne.

Another key component of the trade show is the conference programme, which embraces more than 500 international speakers. “The goal here is to offer a series of inspirational talks in partnership with our associates from Europe and the USA,” explains Kühne. “The focus on biotech services is new this year. Food biotechnology and industrial biotechnology are also high on the agenda.” The content of almost all conferences ties in with special shows in the halls.

The new BioServices Platform will highlight development and production outsourcing, bringing together the many service providers who cooperate with the pharmaceuticals and biotech industries. The accompanying conference promises to deliver up-to-date information on manufacturing, formulation, analytics, pre-clinical and clinical trials, approvals and finance – for example, of biosimilars and personalized therapy.

The forum Industrial Biotechnology 2011 is also new. It centres on innovative biotech methods for industrial production processes – for example, in the chemical industry and in the pharmaceuticals, paper, textiles and energy sectors. The platform is designed to encourage the exchange of expertise among developers and potential users.

Food biotechnology will be the focus of attention at a specialist symposium entitled Biotechnological Innovation in Food, where discussion will concentrate on the applications of state-of-the-art biotechnology in food manufacturing and processing. The special display will focus on cutting-edge and molecular-biology processes in food analysis and on new developments in process technology. Here various companies and associations will showcase the latest innovations and practical applications.

The conference and special display entitled Molecular Diagnostics Europe centres on automated testing systems for rapid, explicit diagnosis. “PEGS Europe” will present the latest techniques for manufacturing therapeutic proteins, while the conference 'bone-tec' will deal with new approaches to tissue engineering and bone healing using biotech methods. “BIO.IT World Europe”, meanwhile, will inform participants about innovative IT solutions for biotech and drug research.

Capital and ideas will come together at the Bio@venture Conference 2011, which offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their innovative ideas to potential investors.

Public forums in the halls will provide an additional platform for highlighting new developments. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) will present funded projects serving to network science and industry. At the forum Life Science Spotlight the Life Science Research (LSR) division of the Association of the Diagnostics Industry (VDGH) will continue the dialogue with science. Finally, the INNOVATION FORUM offers exhibitors a platform for their company presentations.

The last day of BIOTECHNICA focuses traditionally on the recruitment of qualified specialist staff. To this end, the 'jobvector career day' will facilitate contact between potential employers in the life sciences industry and those looking for a job.