Wednesday, 16 March 2011

BIOTECHNICA back to two-year cycle after 2011

BIOTECHNICA, Europe's leading tradeshow for biotechnology and life sciences, will resume its original two-year cycle from 2011 on.

"The decision was made in response to the needs of the international industry," Deutsche Messe Board of Management member Stephan Ph. Kühne explained on Tuesday in Hannover. The next BIOTECHNICA after this year's event, which runs from 11 to 13 September, will therefore be held in fall 2013.

The move would free up much-needed space in the national and international trade fair calendar, Kühne noted. "The resumption of the two-year cycle will enhance the trade fair mix in the biotechnology and life sciences sector, and improve the coordination of event timeslots in future years," he added.
The decision aligns BIOTECHNICA with the challenges in the marketplace, and provides the optimum basis for efficient networking and business development at future fairs. "We feel that it is imperative that BIOTECHNICA should quickly and fully respond to changing market requirements. Our close working relationship with the industry enables us to pick up on market sentiment and the latest trends and developments, and to adapt the tradeshow format accordingly," Kühne continued. "We will continue to work closely with our partners from industry, the research sector, business promotion bodies and political circles to further consolidate BIOTECHNICA’s leading position in the European biotech sector."

Deutsche Messe’s strategy would ensure that BIOTECHNICA remains the most important meeting point for the industry in Europe, he said.

"No other fair offers such extensive coverage of the biotechnology field," Kühne emphasized. "Where other events cover biotechnology as a marginal topic, BIOTECHNICA brings the entire spectrum of biotechnology under the spotlight."

The inclusion of new keynote themes and a clear tradeshow concept centered around the four core areas of biotechnology, lab technology, bioservices and technology transfer will further sharpen the fair's profile. The accompanying program includes a series of international conferences, special presentations and workshops featuring more than 500 high-calibre speakers from research, industry and politics. Themes for the 2011 programme range from biomedicine and bioinformatics through to the new keynote topics of bioservices, industrial biotechnology and food biotechnology. This year’s new "BioServices Platform," focused on subcontracted development and manufacture, will serve as a central marketplace for all service providers in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Also making its debut is the "Industrial Biotechnology" forum, which covers the gamut of innovative biotechnology methods for industrial production processes.

This year’s BIOTECHNICA show takes place from 11 to 13 October at the Hannover exhibition grounds.