Monday, 21 March 2011

BioTek promotes Dr Paul Held to lab manager

BioTek Instruments Inc announces Paul Held's promotion to Lab Manager in BioTek's Applications Laboratory. In this new position, Dr Held will be responsible for day-to-day lab facilities management, the company's applications training program and customer visits in addition to his duties as Principle Scientist.

Dr Held has been with BioTek for over 17 years, and received a PhD in Molecular Biology from Albany Medical College.

"Paul has been an invaluable contributor to the construction, infrastructure acquisition and maintenance of the Applications Lab over its first year," noted Dr. Peter Banks, BioTek's Scientific Director.

BioTek's Applications Laboratory partners with major assay developers to provide cutting-edge assay development and validation. Additionally, the lab develops unique applications for BioTek's microplate instrumentation products in real-lab environments. Many applications developed recently involve cell-based assays using cell lines such as CHO, HEK-293, MCF-7, HepG2, DPX-2, mesothelioma and human primary cells such as hepatocytes and HUVEC. In the past year, over 75 application notes, conference presentations and trade- and peer-reviewed articles have been created towards these goals.

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