Thursday, 3 March 2011

Environmental monitoring for the whole lab

Discover how to implement a lab-wide environmental monitoring system that is fully integrated to all of your lab informatics systems.

This webcast will introduce Nexxis EM (Environmental Monitoring), a Nexxis iLAB application that can collect data from ANY device measuring environmental conditions and make that data available to all of your existing informatics systems - in real time.

During this webcast we will show how Nexxis EM can:

* Collect data from all monitoring systems and instruments.
* Standardize that data and store it in a single centralized database.
* Access the data from your LIMS.
* Integrate the data into your ELN in real time.
* Automate the monitoring of Stability studies.

Join Labtronics on March 22nd or March 24th to discover how Nexxis EM delivers Environmental Monitoring for the Whole Lab.

Labtronics Inc