Thursday, 3 March 2011

Interactive Medica launches territory planner

Interactive Medica has today announced the launch of IM Territory Planner, a Cloud-based workbench designed to help companies in the Life Sciences industry plan and manipulate territory alignments to optimise sales resource allocation and more effectively capitalise on market opportunities. The first collaborative SaaS system to help organisations map out their territories and understand their potential, Territory Planner can be configured to a business’ bespoke requirements. By uploading key business data that they want to use, companies are able to run detailed scenario analyses – and if they like what they see, it can be implemented with the click of a mouse.

Easy and simple to use, Territory Planner takes all types of client profiling data – including sales information, representatives and territory alignments – from any CRM system and displays that information in easy to understand and manipulate Dashboards and Google Maps. It then displays the ‘Bricks’ that make up the territories in different colours – “Bricks” can be re-assigned to neighbouring territories and users can immediately see the implications that has on how key customers are assigned across the sales team, a territories net worth and potential. Since IM Territory Planner is cloud-based, the workbench allows for feedback from across the sales and marketing organisation, including field-based Sales Managers, who were previously effectively excluded from this iterative process.

“Previously, realigning territories was an onerous and often expensive “headache”. Time intensive and data heavy, companies had little real insight into whether or not their proposed plans would work. As such, making changes to territories was fraught with commercial risk,” said Richard Jenkinson, CEO, Interactive Medica. “With Territory Planner, companies can be more dynamic and responsive to changing market conditions. It gives them an agility that previously wouldn’t have existed, and has the potential to create tangible competitive advantage”.

Territory Planner is part of the IM Application Suite, a .NET application with individual client SQL databases. The tool allows 1-click implementation of new Territory Allocation to IM CRM and IM KAM, but via IM proprietary connectors it can be integrated with any other CRM system.

Interactive Medica