Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Lab3 re-engineers Boxer autoclaves

Paul Bell, Business Development Manager and Fiona Corker, Service Manager inspect one of the new autoclaves nearer build completion
The Boxer brand of autoclaves returns to the market through the UK’s specialists laboratory equipment supplies company Lab3 Ltd. In just 12 months Lab3 has re-engineered this established brand, keeping many of the salient features that set it apart from others.

Later this month, Lab3 roll out the first in a new range of free-standing autoclaves that will include Eco models designed to reduce electricity and water usage and a Traditional range where the emphasis is faster cycle time. Both ranges are covered by a superb three year warranty.

Paul Bell, Business Development Manager at Lab3 explains “I believe there is a need for a robust and easy to use autoclave for the professional laboratory and this range is the start of meeting that requirement”