Thursday, 17 March 2011

Monitoring and control for cell culture from lab bench to manufacturing

Simultaneous monitoring of up to four different instrument configurations either directly connected, or via a network, enables faster data acquisition. A common control platform and dynamic graphical user interface for all culture volumes simplifies scale up, whilst the automatic storage of all run data in a secure and unalterable result file provides added security

GE Healthcare has extended its WAVE Bioreactor platform with the launch of the WAVEPOD II Integrated Controller, the pHOPT optical pH sensor, and UNICORN DAQ 1.0 software.

All specifically designed to improve monitoring and control of cell culture conditions in WAVE Bioreactor Systems, and forming part of GE Healthcare’s ReadyToProcess platform of ready-to-use products for upstream and downstream processing of biologicals.

The WAVEPOD II Integrated Controller supports the set up, control and monitoring of cell culture parameters in Cellbag bioreactors.

Available with a choice of control modules to meet individual needs and a large colour touchscreen providing easy access to all operations, data, and alarm conditions from the connected control modules. 
By coordinating the functions of individual control modules, it is possible to develop complex schemes for the precise measurement and control of culture conditions including pH, dissolved oxygen, CO2, and O2 gas mixing.

pHOPT is an optical single-use sensor which is preinstalled on the underside of the Cellbag bioreactor. Designed for use with the pH controller of WAVEPOD II, it enables continuous pH monitoring in the crucial pH range, 6 to 8. 
The UNICORN DAQ 1.0 software’s real time data acquisition allows the user to monitor the run status of any connected WAVE Bioreactor instrument. 

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