Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Rapid freezing of tissue samples

SP Scientific has launched the HistoChill - a new low temperature, mechanically refrigerated bath for the rapid freezing of tissue samples in Histology and Pathology Labs as well as other disciplines.

Operating down to -80°C, without the need for hazardous and costly expendable refrigerants, the compact tabletop HistoChill freezes tissues in just seconds increasing your lab throughput. Using a liquid medium, the HistoChill rapidly and thoroughly freezes samples minimizing ice crystal formation compared with the slow freezing rates encountered in a cryotome.

Frost build-up is minimized while introducing and extracting samples from the bath through integration of a warming loop on the upper outside wall of the refrigeration chamber. A hinged and insulated lid provides easy access to the bath.

The HistoChill is available in two configurations: the basic HistoChill for general freezing applications and the advanced model with built-in magnetic stirrer and temperature control for more demanding tissue specific or R&D applications. The advanced model includes digital set point and temperature indication.

SP Scientific