Friday, 11 March 2011

Technical tutorial on optimising alvetex for enhanced 3D cell culture

Reinnervate, the life sciences company driving the adoption of routine 3D cell culture, has announced the upcoming US launch of alvetex at the SBS 17th Annual Conference & Exhibition in Orlando, Florida (27-31 March 2011).

Alvetex is a proprietary cell culture scaffold that, for the first time, enables genuine 3D cell growth to be performed routinely and cost-effectively in cell biology laboratories. Using alvetex enables researchers to grow cells in a manner that far more closely mimics their growth in vivo than is possible using traditional 2D techniques, greatly improving the accuracy and relevance of in vitro assays.

Reinnervate launched its first product, the alvetex 12-well plate, in Europe at the end of November 2010 and it is currently available to researchers via LGC Standards, a leading supplier of cutting-edge research tools in Europe. The Company, which intends to launch alvetex products in a range of formats over the next 12 months, will also use the conference to introduce the newest additions to its product range, the alvetex 6-well and 12-well inserts.

The addition of the alvetex well inserts will provide researchers with an exceptional degree of versatility in how they choose to construct different 3D cell culture models. Through enabling alternative applications, such as long-term 3D cell culture over several weeks, 3D cell growth at air/liquid interface and 3D cell growth with different media constituents, to be performed simply and routinely reinnervate continues to make genuine 3D cell culture a reality for researchers today.

In conjunction with the US launch of alvetex, Professor Stefan Przyborski, founder and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) of reinnervate, will be hosting a technical tutorial at SBS on the use of alvetex, titled ‘Optimisation of 3D Cell Growth using alvetex’ at 8:00 am on Tuesday, 29th March (room: Miami 1/2). The tutorial will describe how alvetex can be used to create 3D cell cultures of important cell lines routinely used in basic research, disease modeling, toxicity screening and drug safety testing.

Ashley Cooper, CEO of reinnervate commenting on the US launch of alvetex, said: “The launch of alvetex in the US and the global launch of our 6 and 12 well inserts is an important milestone for reinnervate as we work to meet the growing demand for our products among researchers around the world. In alvetex, we believe we have a unique product that is capable of revolutionising 3D cell culture and unlocking the enormous potential of this important area of scientific research. The game-changing nature of our product is being recognised and with the addition of the 6 and 12 well inserts can offer researchers the extra capability of creating very specific cell culture models that meet specific research needs.”