Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Thermo Fisher Scientific to highlight Maybridge Fragment-based drug discovery solutions

Maybridge Fragment Solubility Poster
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc today announced that it will exhibit its Maybridge Fragment collections and present a related scientific poster, “A High Throughput Technique for Rapid Measurement of Fragment Solubility,” during Fragments III, the 3rd annual RSC-BMCS Fragment-Based Drug Discovery conference (Stevenage, England, March 7-8).

The poster describes the use of the Stem Clarity solubility station to experimentally validate fragment solubility values in both DMSO (200mM) and aqueous phosphate buffer. Such analyses have been used to affirm compound quality and further enhance the success rate of hits generated by the Maybridge Ro3 Fragment collection. Scientists from Maybridge will be available on stand E at the Stevenage Fragments III meeting to discuss the work presented on the poster and other aspects of fragment-based drug discovery.

Maybridge compound libraries represent a gold standard in molecular fragment libraries and include the Ro3 Diversity library, Fragment collection, Bromo-, Fluoro- and Pre-Fragment collections. Maybridge prides itself on having the in-house scientific expertise to provide the highest-quality products and services for fragment-based drug-discovery needs.

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