Monday, 14 March 2011

Analytical services: advanced elemental detection and mapping

ITRI Innovation has announced its latest generation of analytical capability in advanced elemental detection and mapping. This is due to the recent installation of a Axios Minerals mAx WD-XRF Spectrometer. This new piece of equipment comes with element selectivity from oxygen to uranium and includes the PANalytical PX1 for the ultimate in light element performance.

The new WD-XRF Spectrometer uses a patented analytical technique to identify and determine the concentrations of elements present in solid, powder and liquid samples. It measures the energy of the individual X-ray fluorescent photons produced by the atoms in a sample when irradiated with X-rays. This new service can be used by companies who require production and process control, quality control and assurance, analysis of recycled materials, compliance testing for RoHS/WEEE and other international environmental rules and regulations.
"Whether customers are local or global, we aim to ensure that the product meets the standard set, complies with legislation and is fit for purpose," comments Mark Berrisford, Business Development Manager, ITRI Innovation. "This new equipment can be used as a support to quality control measurement within the manufacturing process or investigation of product failure across a broad range of business sectors including metals, minerals, catalysts, chemicals, petrochemicals, food products, pharmaceuticals, plastics and building materials."

ITRI Innovation currently offers extensive analytical laboratory service capabilities, such as optimal reliability testing in composition and structure characterisation of solids, liquids and powders, enhanced quality control support to the mining and mineral industries and analysis of the quality of steel, aluminium, precious metals, ferrous metals and metal coatings. It can also offer measurements of the quality and consistency of additives, stabilizers and catalysts in plastics both during polymer production and when recycling. It offers product development to the pharmaceutical industry to ensure constant quality as well as analysis and control of the production of new building materials.

ITRI Innovation