Monday, 14 March 2011

High-throughput alternative to syringe-tip filters for chromatography sample preparation

EMD Millipore, the life science division of Merck KGaA of Germany, today announced the introduction of the Samplicity Filtration System, an innovative new technology that provides a convenient, high throughput alternative to syringe-tip filters when preparing samples for chromatography.

The Samplicity system allows up to 8 samples—even those with high viscosity or particulates—to be simultaneously vacuum-filtered in seconds. Samples are quickly and easily loaded using a pipettor and are filtered directly into LC vials. The filtered samples are immediately ready for subsequent analyses.

“Until now, researchers had limited options for speeding up sample prep,” said John Sweeney, head of EMD Millipore’s Life Science business field. “Syringe-tip filtration is a serial process that can slow down an entire workflow. At the other end of the spectrum are robotic systems, which are expensive and offer too much capacity for labs that handle a few dozen samples per day. The Samplicity system provides relief from the repetition of manual filtration and offers a throughput capacity well-aligned with the needs of most labs.”

The Samplicity system is designed for use with Millex Samplicity™ filter units with a hydrophilic Teflon® membrane filter in either a 0.45 or 0.2 μm pore size. Millex Samplicity filter units have low extractables, low analyte binding properties, and a low hold-up volume, which allows processing of samples as small as 200 µL.

EMD Millipore