Tuesday, 15 March 2011

BioAmber and CELEXION announce exclusive licensing partnership

BioAmber, a leader in bio-based succinic acid, has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with CELEXION LLC for technology related to the production of adipic acid and other chemical intermediates. The current market for adipic acid is close to 3 million tons per year, worth approximately $8 billion at current market prices.

Over the past year, BioAmber has successfully applied its breakthrough succinic acid purification process to adipic acid. Through the licensing deal with CELEXION, BioAmber will leverage its succinic know-how, infrastructure, partnerships and customer base to accelerate the development of biobased adipic acid. BioAmber has also established a state of the art research and development facility in Plymouth, Minnesota, USA, with capabilities in molecular biology, fermentation and analytical chemistry to support its adipic acid programme.

“CELEXION’s technology is a perfect fit for the leadership we have developed in commercializing bio-based succinic acid,” said Jean-Francois Huc, CEO of BioAmber.

“CELEXION’s highly attractive metabolic pathway, coupled with our novel purification process and scale-up capabilities, gives us a clear path to biobased adipic acid that, like our biobased succinic, is lower cost and has a better environmental footprint than the current petroleum route.”

“Renewable chemicals such as biobased adipic acid will become critical building blocks of the future economy. Given BioAmber’s leadership position in succinic acid and the natural extension of their assets to adipic acid, we are very pleased to partner with BioAmber for commercialization of our adipic acid technology,” said Dr Brian M Baynes, CEO of CELEXION.